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Obsession: Beach Hair

July 30, 2010

I am in the oh-so-long process of growing out my hair so getting to this length makes me feel like I might hit 40 before my hair hits my shoulders. For what it’s worth, I am thirty-five just like our cover girl above. I love the beachy matte-blond hair. She looks like she could have been surfing the waves at Venice Beach right before her photo shoot.



July 28, 2010

If you have spent any time with me, you know I drank the Dr. Hauschka cool-aid a long time ago. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care was my introduction into the world of a different kind of beauty than I had ever known in a department or drug store…and I credit my exposure to their products as the main reason that I am a practicing holistic esthetician today. So finalizing my certification with them means the fulfillment of both a personal and professional dream. This week marks the final stretch in a journey that started nearly two years ago for me. Yet, in some ways I am reminded of how the journey is just beginning.

Today we talked about the gardens of WALA, where there are over eleven acres of certified Biodynamic gardens. The gardens employ seven full time gardeners who cultivate over 150 medicinal herbs, plants and flowers. Biodynamic gardening is what I would call “organic plus, plus, plus”. It is a closed ecosystem that recognizes the rhythmic and symbolic relationships between: soil, plants, animals, humans, earth and the sun, moon and stars. Think of it as the Farmer’s Almanac on steroids. Except that they would never do steroids because that would be a MAJOR no-no. You get what I am saying, though.

I am so inspired by the people who work for Dr. Hauschka…they are impassioned to say the least. But I’m also enjoying the company of 7 other estheticians on the same journey as I am, who are as inspired by the products that they use and the people who make them. So, I will leave you with this video…a little throwback to 7th grade science class, I KNOW. But get past the dry narration and you might find a little inspiration.

AND part 2…

It’s 98 degress outside & you’re pregnant. Perfect time for a Staycation.

July 15, 2010

Aviary is featured in the current issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, alongside some of our favorite products for moms and babies. Thanks, P&N!

I Like Birds: Just What The Doctor Ordered

June 29, 2010

Just what the Doctor ordered...

We had such a great time this weekend with Kristi Hyde, King of Pops and Carly from Dr. Hauschka that we decided to perpetuate the love of organic beauty and share a great deal which will land some free product in your hands. It’s been an astounding 90 plus degrees outside all week and with two more months of unbearable heat, swimming pool, beach & boat weather, we can’t think of anything better for you and your skin than this deal.

Please note there is only one per customer but there is no expiration date so use this when your tired and sun exposed skin needs a real boost.

Our Feathered Friends – Kristi Hyde, Dr. Hauschka and King of Pops

June 22, 2010

Oh, I hope you will join us this Friday night for some Studioplex Art Walk fun. We’re hosting an event at our end of the courtyard and, as usual, look forward to hosting and toasting friends and hanging out. We’ll have champagne and snacks and free popsicles if you get there early enough!

Prelude to Staplehouse pt. 2…humble beginnings.

June 20, 2010

A few weeks ago Steve and I had the pleasure of attending our first Staplehouse dinner at Jen and Ryan Hidinger’s adorable Grant Park home. We are excited to go back tonight for their Father’s Day dinner.

What I am loving about this so much is their organic effort to build a business. Not to mention real human social networking that can occur as a result of putting together a dinner party of ten people at random. My best interactions happen over meals and over facials. I also started doing facials in a 5x7ft area in the loft of our first home. It seemed to be a safe (inexpensive) way to start doing facials on friends and neighbors, try out products and just get a fledgling business off the ground while learning a few things in the process. At the time, I thought I would work there for at least one or two years before searching out a place. The reality was about four months before I moved into The Plum and rented a room in what would eventually become Aviary {organic beauty collective}.

I’m very grateful for the support that I’ve had since doing those first facials on University Drive. I’ve learned and continue to learn a lot about growing a business. I still have a lot to learn. But at least I can do it on a full belly.

Smilebooth pics are here…

April 30, 2010

Thanks to everyone who attended the Earth Day After Party last weekend. We loved seeing you there and we LOVE seeing you here: