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Lust List 2011

February 14, 2011

It’s no secret that it’s one giant love fest at the Aviary. It’s one of my favorite things about our collective. It’s true that Christine, Sidney, Jason and I work together with a common thread of the products and services that we offer; but it’s equally about the respect and admiration that we have for each other as well as the clients that we work with.

As a former publicist, I love to see the people around me get the attention and accolades that they so much deserve. Sidney is our wise owl…I often look to him for advice and consultation on a myriad of subjects ranging from how to grow personally and professionally to what color I should use on my tresses. What I’ve noticed after working with him for two years is that I am not the only one who looks to Dear Sid for some serious talk therapy. There seems to be a golden thread that runs through his clientele, who often gush about how much better they feel after time in his chair.

So when Creative Loafing posted about nominations for their annual Lust List, I didn’t look further than right inside our little nest. The article runs in this week’s Loaf.

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